Patient Safety Equipment

B class Auto Clave

Autoclave totally kills all the micro-organisms and spores, there by preventing spread of Infections from patient to patient. Stringent protocols followed at Conquer in Sterilization for patient safety.

U.V Cabinet

U.V Cabinet

Conquer implements double sterilization, Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) is a disinfection method that uses short-wavelength ultraviolet (UV-C) light to kill or inactivate microorganisms. All the auto-claved instruments go into U.V cabinet at Conquer.

Glass bead sterilizer

Glass bead sterilizer

HEAT KILLS MICROORGANISMS. The glass bead sterilizer is a heat unit with a well that holds a cupful of tiny glass beads. At Conquer we use this for sterilizing tiny instrument like Rct files, burs etc.

Ultra Sonic Cleaner

At conquer Once all the used instruments are thoroughly washed, they are kept in ultrasonic cleaner, it uses cavitation bubbles induced by high frequency pressure (sound) waves to agitate a liquid phenomenon removal of any visible debris like blood etc. Cleaning is an essential first step before sterilization and disinfection.



Fumigation is gaseous sterilization, used for killing micro-organisms and prevention of microbial growth in air, surface of wall or floor in the treatment cabins, at Conquer we follow this protocol at successive intervals.

water distillizer

Water Distillizer

R.O water goes into the distilliser , high –quality distilled water produced from it  is used for sterilization in autoclave and also supplied to dental chairs. Distillation is the process of removing contaminants such as heavy metals and salts that boiling water leaves behind.

Sterilization material with Indicators

As a part of our protocol all the cleansed and dry instruments are packed in certain material which has indicators on it to distinguish from sterile and non-sterile equipment

Lead glass and lead apron

Lead glass door is installed in OPG  cabin at CONQUER for protection from radiation leakage into hospital. Lead aprons are used to protect patients from radiation exposure.

Lead thyroid collar

Protects the vital glands  in the neck and surrounding areas from radiation exposure  while taking single tooth radiographs.

Emergency and spill kits

Conquer is equipped with Emergency kits to deal with medical emergencies in dental clinic. we follow a protocol to clean any infectious blood spills or hazardous chemicals by using spill kits.

Radiation absorbing plants

This snake plant filters formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, xylene, toluene, and benzene from the air and also absorbs radiation.

Organic Liquids

Conquer uses organic liquids in fumigator, ultrasonic cleaner, surface distinfectors and air disinfectors etc to protect patients from hazardous chemicals

R.O Plant

In house R.O plant that supplies R.O water to all the dental chairs and equipment.The water that goes into patients mouth while procedure is distillised R.O water at Conquer.

Temperature monitor

Certain dental materials  are temperature specific, without controlled and monitored temperature the materials loose their nativity and don’t give results. All our dental materials are monitored.

Humidity Monitor

These monitors are kept in stocks and cabins for checking on humidity, so as to make sure the dental materials don’t loose their nativity.

Durr Dental

Highly sophisticated and powerful scavenging system, it quickly sucks all the aerosols produced during procedures along with saliva. There by preventing spreading of micro-organisms.

Portable Suction

These are used to aid extra-scavenging for infectious cases.

Bio medical waste diposal protocol

Conquer  strictly follows all the necessary environment and patient safety measures in disposing the waste generated in the hospital.

Fire fighting system

Fire Safety Systems

Conquer is fully loaded with fire safety equipment in whole hospital.

Educating models

We always believe in educating our patients and staff. We use certain aids to train and educate.

Wheel Chair

Wheel Chair

We provide wheel chair for elderly, disabled, physically challenged and trauma patients to arrive into our hospital in elevator.

In-house parking

In-house parking

Spacious and Hassle free in house parking for our patients and staff.

Centralised ups and stabilizer

Centralised ups and stabilizer

We have ups system so as not loose patient information during power cuts. Stabilizer for protecting equipment , so thet they will work efficiently and deliver the best.

45 kva genarator

45 kva genarator

We at conquer run everything on generator so as not stop during treatment procedures and also for the sake of comfort of patients during power cuts.

We provide finest dental treatments to all our patients. We work as a team of specialists , highly skilled and motivated to make our patients confident by making their smiles beautiful and healthy.

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